Corner House

Singapore, Singapore

Situated in a two-storey black-and-white bungalow built in 1910, Corner House is tucked inside the lush greenery of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Chef and co-owner Jason Tan, who served in the kitchens of Robuchon Au Dôme and Les Amis, describes his cuisine as “gastro-botanica”, where botanicals are given prominence alongside meats, poultry and seafood. His signature dish, Cevennes onion, has the humble vegetable prepared in four ingenious ways: as a sweet onion puree, wafer-thin onion tart, crisp onion chip and soothing onion tea. Corner House is a regular on the Asia 50 Best list.

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1 Cluny Road, EJH Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Tanglin, Singapore, 259569