American Express One To Watch Award 2023

American Express One To Watch Award 2023



Ground-breaking eatery where lamb is the protagonist

Located in a valley in the Venezuelan Central Mountain Range but just 15 kilometres from the Caribbean coast, Caracas sits at the junction between diverse landscapes and cosmopolitan urbanisation. It’s a city of multicultural meetings and unexpected beauty, much like the winner of the American Express One To Watch Award 2023 that calls it home.

With a name meaning ‘lamb’, Cordero is the first eatery in Venezuela to receive the ultimate accolade for a rising star gastronomic concept, and the first restaurant in Latin America – and possibly the world – whose menu is focused exclusively on lamb. From starters to desserts, lamb is the star of the show, whether as dairy products, cooked on the grill or served as charcuterie.

Cordero has a farm-to-table concept that is novel in Caracas and 80 per cent of its pantry comes from less than 40 minutes away. Proyecto Ubre, the farm that supplies the restaurant with most of its ingredients – from lamb to vegetables and coffee – is directed by Pedro Khalil, co-founder of Cordero and the man credited with coming up with the unique restaurant concept.

In the kitchen is chef Issam Koteich, born in the Venezuelan city of Mérida and trained in the Basque Country, with a 20-year career behind him that has spanned three continents. Khalil’s persuasive skills, a visit to the Proyecto Ubre farm and the guests’ incredible response to the restaurant opening convinced him that this was a venue worth staying in Venezuela for. Now, he’s proud to be known as ‘Mister Cordero’, using the knowledge and skills acquired around the world to lead a gastronomic revolution in Caracas and Venezuela.

Much like the juxtaposition of mountains and buildings that frames the Caracas cityscape, the restaurant’s atmosphere combines classical decor with a modern touch. White tablecloths and elegant glasses are complemented by colourful portraits and chic lamps dim enough to create a warm and intimate environment.

Within its first two years, Cordero has proven its worth as a pioneering new restaurant concept. Its commitment to keep evolving, serve more autochthonous Venezuelan ingredients and share its delicious dishes and amazing hospitality with a growing number of guests set it apart as the winner of the American Express One To Watch Award 2023.

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Caracas 1080, Capital District, Venezuela

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