Le Calandre


Elevated precision expertly delivered through innovate yet authentic Italian plates

Le Calandre

On the Pass

Massimiliano Alajmo

Maximum attention to detail: Cuisine here is celebrated across the ages and tantalises all the senses. Aroma, spice, texture and essential oils are masterfully employed to unlock a palette of primordial memories.

A family tradition: The history of Le Calandre, a true bastion of Italian hospitality, began in 1981 with its opening by Erminio and Rita Alajamo. In 1994, the baton was passed onto their sons Massimiliano and Raffaele who, together, have elevated it to the high echelons of fine dining: Max is in the kitchen, Raf controls front of house. In 2003, the restaurant was awarded three-star Michelin status, making Max the youngest chef in the world to have received this recognition.

Technique meets emotion: The two available tasting menus change and adapt with the passing of the seasons. Both tell the story of thoughtful philosophy and the constant research that takes place in the kitchen. In both, technique is at the service of emotion, evident in the complex and harmonious flavours guests are presented with. It is within this framework that we find a distilled-coffee risotto with caper powder, anchovy bottarga and white truffle: a combination of flavour that manages to achieve a perfect equilibrium between bitter, aromatic and savoury. Another significant dish is the toasted mullet with crumbs of blackberry and plum bread and a kiwi and seaweed sauce, which shows the wonderful affinity between land and sea vegetables.

A strong team: The cuisine here unlocks memories and touches the heart. The front-of-house staff is wonderfully attuned to the tone of the dining room and they are able to swiftly and carefully move between formal and informal, with the sole aim of relaxing the guest, without taking away from the precision and excellence of the service.