Seafood mastery punctuated with caviar on every plate


On the Pass

Eric Vildgaard

Pastry Chef

Mads Juhl Olesen

Nothing is impossible: In a time where many fine dining restaurants are financed by investors, couple Tina and Eric Vildgaard have proven that you can open a restaurant with high ambitions without external financial support. In 2017, the pair opened Jordnær in a mediocre hotel in Gentofte, just outside Copenhagen. But don’t judge a book by its cover: as soon as you enter the restaurant, you forget all about the world outside. The restaurant quickly became talk of town in Denmark and today people from all over the world flock to get a reservation. What’s even more impressive? Mr and Mrs Vildgaard also take care of six children while running this fine dining establishment of the highest calibre.

Luxury from start to finish: If you are a fan of the finest ingredients plucked from the sea, Jordnær is your perfect destination. Here, you’ll get to experience huge langoustines, turbot and king crab, not to mention the outlandishly generous volume of caviar that plays an important role throughout the meal. Eric Vildgaard is a true caviar aficionado and he works closely with his provider to pick the right roe for every dish that comes with the precious sturgeon orbs atop.

What’s the vibe? At Jordnær, it is all about leaning back in the comfortable chairs and preparing yourself for pure enjoyment. The menu is paired with exquisite wines, while a full pairing of top-marque champagnes is available. Ensconced by front-of-house doyenne Tina Vildgaard and her team, guests are cossetted wonderfully throughout the course of the meal.