Class of 2022

Chloé Charles

Empowering Educators

35 / Paris, France

The classically trained chef challenging the gastronomic status quo

Chloé Charles is no ordinary cook. Although trained in the strict traditions of the French culinary arts, she continues to push the boundaries of elite gastronomy. Her mission? To creatively produce original dishes with zero waste and minimal impact on the environment. Drawing inspiration from the world around her and most often, the vegetables at her fingertips, she creates beautiful yet simplistic dishes, while squeezing every ounce of flavour onto the plate.

Chloé’s resumé reads like a menu of France’s top restaurants, including l’Epi Dupin, Betrand Grébaut’s Septime and Fulgrances’ flagship restaurant L’Adresse, where she made waves as the first resident chef in 2015. Sustainability and minimal food wastage have been woven into the fabric of her tutelage, which she received from some of the nation’s legendary chefs. Working alongside François Pasteau, Chloé was challenged to use 100% of her produce every single day and at Fulgrances, she created zero-waste amuse-bouches for every single guest.

With years of experience in the formal restaurant environment under her belt, Chloé recently struck out as an independent chef and kitchen consultant with the hope of sharing her knowledge and understanding with likeminded companies and brands. While thoroughly enjoying the freedom to choose her own projects, Chloé is currently designing an app, Reductio, to be used in school and professional canteens that collects data on how much food is wasted and suggests ways to decrease the excess.

“As a chef, I need to be an example to my community and show them that cooking sustainably is not a burden – everyone can do it.” – Chloé Charles

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