Class of 2022

Rosanna Gahler

Gamechanging Producers

Rosanna Gahler believes that the key to sustainable and, indeed, tasty food lies within the soil. The agroforestry manager from eastern Germany has spent her career researching ways to optimise agricultural land with e-generative farming, an educational journey that has led her back to the ground beneath her feet.

Adhering to the concept of ‘Beyond Farming’, Rosanna focuses mainly on the sandy soil of Brandenburg, a region of Germany bordering Poland, which has a high level of carbon dioxide stored within the earth. By adopting her own unique farming methods that utilises the natural nutrients in the earth and adding to them carefully, it increases the biodiversity of plants and animals on the land and produces some of the most nutritious and flavoursome ingredients to be seen on German restaurants’ plates. 

While most farms specialise in one area of agriculture, Rosanna’s team at Gut&Bösel does it all: agroforestry, holistic grazing, mobile chicken trailers and compost production are all on the roster.

Eager to share her findings with the world, Rosanna has organised dynamic events on the topics of food, agriculture and digitisation for curious people – students, entrepreneurs and researchers in spades – to exchange ideas and learn together. 

“My mission is to show that working in agriculture is challenging, but also inspiring – it’s the key to solving many of the problems of our times. It should be an attractive future for young people, for women, for all generations.” – Rosanna Gahler
Rosanna Gahler

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