Class of 2022

Nick Berry

Tech Disruptors

34 / Kingscote, Australia

The engineer guiding Australia towards chemical-free agriculture

Dr Nick Berry has a self-confessed ‘laser focus’. Having grown up on a grain- and wool-production farm on Kangaroo Island (south-west from Adelaide) and followed a lifelong passion for mechanical engineering, he has spent over a decade working towards one goal: helping farmers to sustainably feed the world.

The fruits of his 12-year career are witnessed in his many chemical-free agricultural machines, the most notable of which is Seed Terminator – a mechanical weed seed exterminator that is used to manage pests across the almond industry. Working against the growing global reliance on harmful herbicides, which greatly diminish crop yields by eliminating important nutrients, water and sunlight, Nick is encouraging farmers to transition to more sustainable methods.

Nick’s relentless drive is paired with unfailing optimism for the future of the food and agricultural industries. He sees his technology, among others of its kind, as a way for the population to reconnect with food production and understand more about what he calls the ‘paddock-to-plate’ process.

Seed Terminator machines are already sweeping Australia and more of his creation are being transported overseas. When thinking about the future, for Nick, the possibilities are endless. He’s setting single-use plastics firmly in his crosshairs and is considering experimentation with biomass.

“We want to continue to push the boundaries. Our philosophy is to make the biggest possible difference to world of food production.” – Dr Nick Berry

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