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Class of 2021

Josh Gilbert

Empowering Educators

29 / Gloucester, Australia

The Australian farmer applying Aboriginal learning to contemporary constructs

Josh Gilbert’s family have been farming the same land in Gloucester, New South Wales, for over 40,000 years. A Worimi man who can trace his lineage to the first recorded birth in a cave overlooking this pasture, his knowledge and generational learning makes him an undisputed authority on his country’s landscape.

It’s this passed-down Aboriginal wisdom that has seen Josh ascend to become a senior manager within PwC’s Indigenous Consulting programme, whose purpose is to enact meaningful change in indigenous communities by providing professional services and to assist in government lobbying. He ensures that Aboriginal people have a seat at the policy-making table, translating past wisdom and applying it to modern farming infrastructure, giving tangible ways for the two to interact in harmony. Using indigenous storylines, Josh is breaking the stereotypes that currently exist, leading to new comprehension of the value of the environment and how agriculture and the food industry can coexist to fight climate change.

“There aren't many Indigenous voices in the agricultural sector, particularly those doing research to connect traditional practices with current thinking and approaches. I aim to bring all of this together for the benefit of all.” – Josh Gilbert
Josh Gilbert
  • "Josh shares many of the values I have always stood for. Proactive and innovative, he is in search of a connection with knowledge as well as translating his learnings from history into opportunities for the future. In addition, he champions the importance of understanding nature and the role of climate change in agriculture and the food sector. An entrepreneur who is willing to influence society by betting on great change, he is turning his business into a cultural enterprise with a vision for the future."
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