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Class of 2021

Marc Coloma

Science Innovators

29 / Barcelona, Spain

The vegan activist developing the next generation of plant protein

Rather than providing alternatives to meat, Marc Coloma wanted to create its successor, believing it is no longer necessary to eat animal protein when a producer can provide the same experience without the downsides. Vegan since the age of 18, Marc has long been involved in animal rights activism, but as a consumer, he struggled to find tasty options for his diet. In 2017, with Bernat Añaños, he founded Heura Foods, a company that has developed a new generation of vegetable ‘meat’ and is now focused on global expansion.

Based on the principles of sustainability, health, animal welfare and respect for the environment, Heura sells ‘burgers’, ‘meatballs’ and ‘chicken’ strips with the texture and flavour of real meat. Dubbed as vegan food for meat lovers, its meat-like feel comes from applying pressure, humidity and temperature changes to a mix of soy protein and water that is later marinated with olive oil, salt, spices and added vitamin B-12. It is kinder to the environment in numerous ways, using 94% less water than the same amount of veal protein.

With a background in emotional intelligence and leadership, Marc has ensured Heura is not just a product but also a lifestyle. With smart social media content in several languages, the company educates consumers on how to better care for the environment through food, guaranteeing its commitment to the planet is shared by all. 

“Heura is a vehicle for social change – the kind of change I want to see in the world.” – Marc Coloma

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