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Yeni Lokanta

Istanbul, Turkey

At the forefront of New Turkish cuisine

Chief reason to visit: The name of this effortlessly cool restaurant in the Turkish capital roughly translates as 'new tavern', which neatly sums up its appeal. Chef Civan Er brings a modern sensibility to traditional Anatolian dishes with a focus on bright flavours and superb seasonal produce.

Typical dishes: A salad of bulgar and sour cherries is dressed with sumac molasses, while green beans are blanketed in 'burnt' sheep's milk yoghurt. The 'kadajifi' (bread pudding) custard fritters with smoked buffalo milk ice cream are another highlight.

The room: It's a civilised and convivial space with high ceilings, turquoise tiles and green pendant lamps that cast a comforting glow over the white-clothed tables. The large doors at the entrance are invariably left open to allow the gentle hubbub of Istanbul's street-life to permeate the dining room.

To drink: Fragrantly spiced cocktails are popular and there's also an intriguing selection of Turkish wines from small vineyards, often using native grape varieties.

Don't miss: The homemade sourdough bread, fresh from the wood-fired oven and spread with a carrot, ginger and walnut paste. It's a meal in itself.

Images: Seren Dal

On the pass

  • Civan Er

Style of food

  • Modern Turkish

Standout dish

  • Beef ribs roasted in a wood-fired oven with yoghurt sauce