50 Next: Meet the Class of 2022

Chloe Vialou-Clark - 24/06/2022

The second annual edition of 50 Next was revealed during a live awards ceremony in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain, on Friday 24th June. The unranked list of 50 gamechangers in gastronomy – selected from more than 400 candidates by 50 Best and its Academic Partner, the Basque Culinary Center – is split into seven categories and features individuals from the ages of 22 to 37 in six continents around the world. Read on to meet the Class of 2022 and click on each name to discover more about these young people shaping the future of gastronomy

Empowering Educators

The Empowering Educators are on a mission to change the way we think about their cultures’ food

Arielle Johnson
35, New York, USA

The scientist and educator exploring our understanding of flavour

Charles Michel
36, Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian-French visionary connecting the world through food

Chloé Charles
35, Paris, France

The classically trained chef challenging the gastronomic status quo

Anusha Murthy and Elizabeth Yorke
30 and 29, Bangalore, India
@anushamurthy, @elizabeth.yorke

The innovative thinkers sparking conversation around Indian food systems

Yi Jun Loh
29, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The charismatic communicator enriching our knowledge of Asian cuisines

Vinesh Johny
33, Bangalore, India

The Indian trailblazer spreading the gospel of pastry arts

Entrepreneurial Creatives, sponsored by Estrella Damm

Eschewing profit in favour of progress, the Entrepreneurial Creatives are using their business acumen to affect lives with positivity, fairness and equality

Camila Fiol Stephens
34, Santiago, Chile

The Chilean pastry chef inspiring young generations with new flavour combinations

Caroline Cotto
29, Oakland, USA

The entrepreneur taking food sustainability into her own hands

Dinara Kasko
33, Kharkov City, Ukraine

The Ukrainian cake-maker who started a pastry revolution

Juan Pablo Medina
29, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Colombian entrepreneur who upcycles coffee for a better future

Mariana da Silva Vasconcelos
30, Campinas, Brazil

The daughter of Brazilian farmers using technology to maximise crop productivity

Oscar Ekponimo
36, Abuja, Nigeria

The software engineer enabling leftover food to get to the hungry

Travinder Singh
31, Singapore

The upcycling evangelist turning bread into beer to preserve the environment

Gamechanging Producers, sponsored by Choco

Combining innovative techniques with respect for tradition, the Gamechanging Producers are breaking barriers to get food onto plates, while helping the environment in the process

Corrado Paternò Castello
30, Catania, Spain

The Italian entrepreneur championing sustainable small producers

Dharath Hoonchamlong
29, Bangkok, Thailand

The zero-waste educator rethinking the drinks business from Bangkok

Jessica Fong
31, Hong Kong

The vertical farming advocate feeding Hong Kong with fresh local produce

Martin Texier
32, Sain-Julien-en-Saint-Alban, France

The low-intervention French winemaker promoting artisanal values

Pol Contreras Vilapriñó
36, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

The multi-talented cooking professional unlocking the secrets of chocolate

Rosanna Gahler
25, Alt Madlitz, Germany

The German researcher finding solutions for regenerative farming 

Yu Hsuan Cheng
34, Taipei

The inspired chocolatier bringing Taiwanese flavours to the world

Rahaf Allymoni
29, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Syrian innovator turning waste into the next coffee alternative

Hospitality Pioneers, sponsored by S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy

This cohort of under-35s are at the forefront of change, driving innovation across the hospitality sector

Debora Fadul
36, Guatemala City, Guatemala

The cook flying the flag for innovative Guatemalan gastronomy

Jackwing Yao, Lola Liu and Tiger Liang
31, 30, 27, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China
@jackwingbaby, @lolasaysgo, @tigerirene

The bartending trio bringing Chinese culture into modern mixology

Javier Rivero Yarza
31, Tolosa, Spain

The Basque restaurateur putting small farmers front and centre

Michael Adé Elégbèdé
32, Lagos, Nigeria

The Nigerian chef restoring pride to indigenous ingredients and dishes

Mmabatho Molefe
27, Cape Town, South Africa

The chef empowering Black women and challenging misconceptions of indigenous cuisine

Santiago Lastra
32, London, UK

The Mexican chef inspiring a new generation of cooks, artisans and producers

Mette Brink Søberg
32, Copenhagen, Denmark

The cerebral progressive leading the kitchen at groundbreaking restaurant Noma

Zineb Hattab
32, Zurich, Switzerland

The plant-based advocate helping destigmatise veganism

Science Innovators

By changing the game in the kitchen, this cohort of scientists have also set their minds to solving social and economic problems worldwide

Asrar Damdam
29, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi scientist extending fresh goods' shelf life with cutting-edge tech

Eneko Axpe
35, San Francisco, USA

The gastrophysicist on a quest for more sustainable food systems

Gregory Constantine and Stafford Sheehan
Both 33, New York, USA

The double act turning air into alcohol to reduce carbon emissions

Jessica Bogard
34, Brisbane, Australia

The single-minded dietitian fighting for better global health and nutrition

Nidiya Kusmaya
30, Sukabumi, Indonesia

The Indonesian textile artist turning food waste into clothing

Risha Nathan
34, New Delhi, India

The Indian scientist cleaning water with fruit and vegetable peels

Verleen Goh
35, Singapore

The Singaporean scientist creating prebiotic fibres to boost gut health and immunity

Sara Marquart and Maximilian Marquart
33 and 36, Zurich, Switzerland and Munich, Germany

The German pair harnessing fermentation tech to create cocoa-free chocolate

Tech Disruptors

This group of young people are shaking up the future with systems and solutions that fix age-old problems with fresh perspectives and original thought

Daniella Kwayu
31, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The Tanzanian economist empowering farmers across Africa

Fengru Lin
34, Singapore

The forward-thinking Singaporean making alternative milk from stem cells

Magdalena Jüngst and Tim Jäger
29 and 30, Munich, Germany

The inventive duo behind a sustainable, refillable bottle that flavours water

Mustapha Diyaol-Haqq
22, Accra, Ghana

The Ghanaian coder leading the charge for agricultural innovation

Nick Berry
34, Kingscote, Australia

The engineer guiding Australia towards chemical-free agriculture

Scott-William Braley
34, Le Havre, France

The blockchain expert helping chefs turn signature dishes into digital art

Farah Emara
31, Giza, Egypt

The Egyptian entrepreneur revolutionising the food supply chain

Trailblazing Activists

The society shapers pushing for equality, diversity and positive action in gastronomy

Alpha Sennon
35, Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago

The educator inspiring the next generation of sustainable farmers

Nicola Kagoro
33, Harare, Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean chef challenging perceptions of vegan cuisine

Nidhi Pant
29, Mumbai, India

The community-minded scientist training women in sustainable agriculture

Zacarias González
37, New York, USA

The artist-turned-chef banging the drum for BIPOC and queer voices in the culinary space

Jenny Dorsey
31, Los Angeles, USA

The Chinese-American chef changing the world one conversation at a time

Lefteris Arapakis
28, Piaeus, Greece

The angler-turned-teacher tackling ocean pollution

The 50 Next Class of 2022 was announced at a live awards ceremony in Bilbao, Spain, on Friday 24th June 2022. To stay up to date with all the news and announcements, browse the website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube