Melbourne, Australia


Emotion and experience underpin a uniquely Australian adventure.

How much Australian wildlife will I eat? Quite a bit, as it happens. Lamb, chicken, pork and beef haven’t made major appearances on the Attica menu for some time now, but those interested in the macropod family will be pleased to see not just wallaby blood in the pikelets (think a sort of tea-time version of blini) but also salted raw red kangaroo with native bunya bunya nuts and purple carrot in the signature dish. Emu has been known to put in an appearance and marron, the large, sweet native crayfish, is a mainstay.

And to drink? It’s no less an adventure in the glass, with pairings hopping from Tasmanian sour beer to serious skin-contact from South Australia to unpasteurised sake and back again.

What about Australian culture? References to Aussie culture and history are threaded throughout Attica’s menus, some of them more subtly than others, whether it’s in the form of “Gazza’s Vegemite pie,” wattleseed bread, halftime oranges or the Anzac marshmallow that closes proceedings.

Did you know? Ben Shewry, the humble but brilliant chef behind Attica, actually hails from New Zealand originally.


On the pass

  • Ben Shewry

Pastry chef

Style of food

  • Modern Australian

Standout dish

  • Tulips DIY