Corazón de Tierra

Valle de Guadalupe

Talented chef explores the bounty of Baja California on the plate

Corazón de Tierra

On the Pass

Diego Hernández Baquedano

Pastry Chef

Elsa Judith Olmos

Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, Corazón de Tierra is the perfect showcase for chef Diego Hernández Baquedano’s inventive cuisine. Taking his international experience and combining it with Mexican ingredients, Hernández creates modern versions of traditional dishes such as the tamal, Mexican bean soup, or pain d’epice with cactus dessert. The sustainability-focused restaurant grows its own herbs, fruits, veg and even olive oil and honey, with other ingredients supplied locally.

Hailing from nearby Ensenada, Hernández has worked with great Mexican chefs including Enrique Olvera, Guillermo González Beristáin and Benito Molina. He opened Corazón de Tierra in 2011 and recently celebrated the restaurant’s 10th anniversary by moving to a new space, which will be inaugurated in 2022.