The World's 50 Best Bars 2023: the list in pictures

Josh Ong - 17/10/2023

The 15th edition of The World’s 50 Best Bars, sponsored by Perrier, was revealed at a live awards ceremony on Tuesday 17th October in Singapore – the first in the event’s history to be held in Asia.

This year’s list features bars from 28 different cities around the world, including 11 new entries. Browse the brand-new ranking and find out which leading establishment has been named The World’s Best Bar 2023

No.50 Galaxy Bar
Offering stellar cocktails and superb service, all set under a glittering canopy of stars, Galaxy Bar has cemented its reputation as one of Dubai’s leading drinks outposts with 2023 marking its third consecutive appearance on The World’s 50 Best Bars ranking.

No.49 Jewel of the South – NEW ENTRY
New Orleans
Jewel of the South exterior (1)-W50BB23-LIP
Set within a 200-year-old Creole cottage, Jewel of the South is an all-out celebration of New Orleans, delivering a honed cocktail experience that covers all the classics, from Sazeracs to French 75s and beyond.

No.48 Atlas – RE-ENTRY
Atlas Interior-W50BB23-LIP
Glitz, glamour and serious quantities of gin are the name of the game at Atlas. With a collection of bottles north of 1,300 brands, this Singaporean bar is destined to ascend its guests to a gin-based valhalla, with a little bit of Gatsby-era opulence thrown in for good measure.

No.47 The Clumsies
Founded in 2014 by Greek cocktail sector stalwarts Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis, The Clumsies has featured on every list of The World’s 50 Best Bars since its inception thanks to its playful and inventive spins on classic concoctions. This year, The Clumsies is awarded the Rémy Martin Legend of the List Award 2023

No.46 Locale Firenze
Locale Firenze interior-W50BB23-LIP
Decorated with centuries-old chandeliers and antique furniture, set within the historic Palazzo Concini building, Locale Firenze is woven into the historic fabric of Florence. But behind the stick, head bartender Fabio Fanni’s menu is a contemporary, low-waste masterclass in cocktail creation.

No.45 Baltra Bar
Mexico City
Baltra Bar Cocktail Alt - Sumi-W50BB23-LIP

Another lauded creation from the mastermind behind the legendary Licorería Limantour, José Luis Leon, Baltra Bar is the archetypal neighbourhood bar, serving the cocktail enthusiasts of Mexico City with serious aplomb.

No.44 L'Antiquario
LAntiquario cocktail Giostra di Negroni-W50BB23-LIP
Helmed by local bar maestro Alex Frezza, L’Antiquario sits at the heart of the Neapolitan cocktail boom, offering a bespoke speakeasy experience inflected with trademark Italian hospitality, best sampled via its trio of Negronis merry-go-round.

No.43 Carnaval
Aaron Diaz’s Carnaval is an eclectic bar and a true pioneer of Lima’s growing cocktail scene. Unafraid to bring a little showmanship to its mixology, Carnaval delivers on both style and substance, with most of its cocktails requiring one of the 15 bespoke types of ice made on-site.

No.42 1930
Where the speakeasy label may be deployed too liberally today, 1930 may be the truest form of them all. Within its Prohibition-era themed interior, guests are subject to a contemporary menu that incorporates modern technique and a global pantry – if they can find the door.

No.41 Scarfes Bar – NEW ENTRY
Scarfes Bar Interior-W50BB23-LIP
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, Scarfes Bar, located within Rosewood London, makes its debut on The World’s 50 Best Bars ranking this year, thanks in part to its forward-thinking drinks list and masterful luxury hotel hospitality.

No.40 Mimi Kakushi – NEW ENTRY
Mimi Kakushi interior-W50BB23-LIP
Mimi Kakushi may be located in the centre of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, but to enter the bar is to step into 1920s Osaka. Led by Mania Stankovic, Kakushi’s serious bar programme has earned itself a reputation as a leading light in Dubai’s drinks sector, as well as the title of The Best Bar in the Middle East and Africa 2023, sponsored by Amaro Lucano.

No.39 Panda & Sons – RE-ENTRY
Panda  Sons cocktail Sability-W50BB23-LIP
Iain McPherson, cocktail panda and cocktail technique wizard, delivers timeless hospitality and boundary-pushing concoctions at this Edinburgh-based drinkery. Science here isn’t just for show, with a serious selection of classics lining its menu, bolstered by ground-breaking methodology.

No.38 The Cambridge Public House – NEW ENTRY
The Cambridge Public House cocktail Pan Con Cassouheuete-W50BB23-LIP

Half-traditional pub, half-cocktail bar: The Cambridge is a one-of-a-kind drinks outpost, located within Paris’ cultural Marais district. Within the space, the team have mastered the perfect pour of Guinness and remarkably balanced cocktails with equal expertise.

No.37 Bar Benfiddich
Bar Benfiddich Cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
Hiroyasu Kayama’s landmark bar requires little introduction. Hitting all the motifs of traditional Japanese bars, including silky smooth movements and no menu, it remains a must-visit for all cocktail enthusiasts within the sprawling Tokyo metropolis.

No.36 The SG Club – RE-ENTRY
The SG Club Interior-W50BB23-LIP
International bartending legend Shingo Gokan made waves when he finally opened a spot in his hometown in 2019. The SG Club, which is really three bar concepts within one venue, makes its return to the ranking this year for its creative cocktail offering.

No.35 A Bar with Shapes for a Name  🔶🟥🔵
A Bar with Shapes for a Name interior-W50BB23-LIP
Marked not by words but rather shapes – a yellow triangle, red square and blue circle – this temple to Bauhaus, opened by Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat, is a staple of east London’s ever-cool bar scene. Expect minimalist cocktails injected with deadly scientific precision that keep the queues flowing out the door until its 4am closing time.

No.34 Argo
Hong Kong
Argo Interior-W50BB23-LIP
Sat within the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Argo offers an epic drinks programme fit to match the stunning vistas of Victoria Harbour. Expect savoury-inflected cocktails within its latest menu, with a few of the bar’s signature gummy bears thrown in for good measure.

No.33 Freni e Frizioni – NEW ENTRY
Freni e Frizioni cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
Standing apart from the historic and chic venues that form the bulk of Roman bars, Freni e Frizioni sits as a former mechanic’s workshop transformed into a neo-punk cathedral of rugged cocktails, fit to please enthusiasts and casuals alike.

No.32 Sago House – NEW ENTRY
Sago House interior-W50BB23-LIP
Desiree Jane, Jay Gray and Abhishek C. George joined forces in 2020 to create this bar with their own bare hands, and that labour of love shines through. With a weekly rotating menu and superlative hospitality, it’s a fast-rising staple of Singapore’s superb bar scene.

No.31 Röda Huset – NEW ENTRY
roda Huset cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
Stockholm’s ‘red house’, set across three floors in the Swedish capital, is a rising star in Scandinavia’s burgeoning cocktail scene, helmed by the indomitable Hampus Thunholm. With stellar serves bound by strong ecological principles, it is the winner of the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2023.

No.30 Florería Atlántico
Buenos Aires
Floreria Atlantico cocktail Brisa de Litoral-W50BB23-LIP
Now a decade into its existence, this Buenos Aires bar mainstay is Renato ‘Tato’ Giovannoni’s mythical playground dedicated to superb sustainable cocktails. For his standing as a titan of the bar sector, Giovannoni is recognised as this year’s Roku Industry Icon Award winner.

No.29 Wax On – NEW ENTRY
@waxonberlin Wax On Exterior-W50BB23-LIP
With its sultry dark interiors and pared back philosophy, Sam Orrock and Damien Guichard’s drinks outpost is the archetypal ultra-cool Berlin bar. Don’t be fooled by its eight-drink menu built on the classics: the on-site laboratory means these cocktails pack a real punch.

No.28 Satan's Whiskers
Satans Whiskers cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
All are welcome at this east London bar, dedicated to delivering accessible drinks with serious precision. It’s also home to one of London’s best bar soundtracks, spinning some legendary hip-hop that keeps the energy high.

No.27 Katana Kitten
New York
Katana Kitten interior-W50BB23-LIP
Masa Urushido’s New York City cocktail outpost is a bar like no other. Bringing a taste of Japan to Greenwich village, expect highballs en masse, east Asian pop culture references galore and truly infallible hospitality.

No.26 CoChinChina
Buenos Aires
CoChinChina interior-W50BB23-LIP
A rising star amidst Buenos Aires’ blossoming bar scene, CoChinChina has become a staple of cocktail lovers since its 2021 opening. Helmed by Inés de los Santos, expect an upbeat vibe, regular DJ appearances and a rotating seasonal cocktail menu destined to have you returning.

No.25 Baba au Rum
Baba au Rhum Cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, Baba au Rum is an Athenian bar stalwart, thanks in part to stellar leadership from legendary local bartender Thanos Prunarus. With both an ever-evolving menu and an immaculately designed interior, the legendary bar is not planning on going away any time soon.

No.24 Café La Trova
Cafe Le Trova interior-W50BB23-LIP
A legend in both Cuban expat and cocktail enthusiast circles, Café La Trova is an unmissable destination in Miami’s lively bar scene. Leading the troops is cantinero-maestro Julio Cabrera, now followed by his son Andy, who both deliver their homage to their home island behind the bar.

No.23 Caretaker's Cottage – NEW ENTRY
Caretakers Cottage cocktail Planet of the vapes-W50BB23-LIP 
Melbourne-based Caretaker’s Cottage is a masterclass in subtle elegance and cocktail creation, thanks to a serious bartending pedigree behind its three owners. Alongside its fantastic drinks, expect a serious soundtrack with speakers, stacks of vinyl records and a bar which doubles as a DJ booth.

No.22 Hanky Panky
Mexico City
Hanky Panky interior-W50BB23-LIP
When bar mogul Walter Meyenberg founded Hanky Panky, he just wanted a quiet place to hang out with his friends. What it has since become is one of Mexico City’s finest cocktail establishments, lauded for its indomitable hospitality and inspirational menus that have enthusiasts queuing around the block nightly.

No.21 Drink Kong
Drink Kong interior-W50BB23-LIP
Picture a stereotypical Roman bar. Now picture a jet-black, neo-futurist space, saturated by glowing neon and 1970s Japanese design motifs. Drink Kong, masterminded by Patrick Pistolesi, may be unlike anything else in the historic Italian capital, but it’s forged a loyal following for its unique concept and dependable libations.

No.20 Coa
Hong Kong
Coa cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
A true pioneer of Hong Kong’s bar scene, Jay Khan’s temple to agave continues to jump from strength to strength. Whether there to sample its savoury Bloody Beef Maria or a classic Paloma, an evening at Coa is always one to savour.

No.19 Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar – NEW ENTRY
Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar interior-W50BB23-LIP
The latest brainchild of Ronnaporn ‘Neung’ Kanivichaporn and Chennarong ‘Jan’ Bhumichitr, Mahaniyom is all about maximising singular ingredients and extracting their every element to create memorable, low waste cocktails. With its apt moniker meaning ‘very popular’, it’s now one of Bangkok’s most beloved cocktail spots.

No.18 Zest – NEW ENTRY
Zest Interior-W50BB23-LIP
With its name serving as a portmanteau of ‘zero’ and ‘waste’, Zest is, unsurprisingly, all about sustainable serves. With all mixers made in house to cut down on single-use vessels, honey from urban beehives and many other local initiatives, the Seoul watering hole is at the forefront of the modern sustainable bar movement and is earning acclaim at an exponential rate, making its debut on the ranking and winning this year’s Disaronno Highest New Entry Award.

No.17 Overstory
New York
Set on the 64th floor of a FiDi skyscraper, Overstory sports one of New York City’s best panoramas. It’s not all about the view here, though, as bar director Harrison Ginsberg’s menu pays homage to the city through a serious drinks programme bolstered by meticulously sourced local ingredients.

No.16 Salmon Guru
Salmon Guru interior-W50BB23-LIP
Having recently undergone a two-month-long refurbishment, the refreshed Salmon Guru is back and better than ever. A new, more discreet philosophy now guides Diego Cabrera’s Madrid bar, but its dedication to and execution of unfaltering hospitality remain untarnished.

No.15 Maybe Sammy
Maybe Sammy Interior-W50BB23-LIP
Whether early on a Tuesday night or late on a Saturday, Maybe Sammy has been the homeplace of memorable evenings for locals and visiting cocktail enthusiasts alike since it opened its doors in 2019. Retaining its crown, this year it is awarded the title of The Best Bar in Australasia 2023, sponsored by Naked Malt.

No.14 Jigger & Pony
A true OG of Singapore’s effervescent cocktail scene, Jigger & Pony may now be into its 11th year of existence, but it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Through years of tweaking and subtle evolutions, including its now-famed ‘menuzines’, it’s retained its status as one of the Lion City’s finest drinking dens.

No.13 BKK Social Club
BKK Social Club Interior-W50BB23-LIP
Set within the luxurious Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, BKK is the convivial bar where Buenos Aires meets Bangkok. A South American-inflected menu, curated by bartending veteran Phillip Bischoff, uses ingredients found across Latin America to create one of the city's best bar experiences. As the highest placed establishment in the continent, BKK Social Club is named The Best Bar in Asia, sponsored by Torres Brandy.

Line interior-W50BB23-LIP
A former art gallery, now bar, Line is home to some of the most thought-provoking drinks around. Everything, from its beloved distillates to its bread-based snacks, is made in-house, resulting in an experience worth the short trip outside of Athens city centre. As the highest ranked bar to recently open its doors, Line is the winner of the London Essence Best New Opening Award 2023.

No.11 Tres Monos
Buenos Aires
Tres Monos Hero-W50BB23-LIP
This Buenos Aires bar famed for its ‘monkey business’ is Sebastián Atienza, Charly Aguinsky and Gustavo Vocke’s graffiti-clad cocktail paradise. Drinks here, including the now-famed welcome shot, are all big hitters, omitting garnishes in favour of mind-blowing flavour combinations. Setting the benchmark for memorable service, Tres Monos is the winner of the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award 2023.

No.10 Himkok
Himkok interior-W50BB23-LIP
Translated as ‘homecooked’, Himkok is a masterclass in building the ultimate cocktail experience from scratch. Expect everything from gin and vodka taps cascading over the entrance to house-frozen ice and barrels of aquavit maturing around the premises. Climbing 33 places from its previous ranking, Himkok is the winner of the Nikka Highest Climber Award 2023.

No.9 Alquímico
Alquimico Interior-W50BB23-LIP
From furious fiestas danced out to a reggaeton soundtrack to the feelgood farm-to-bar concept and a highly progressive cocktail list that showcases Colombia’s biodiversity, Alquímico shows its multiple personalities across three floors of a renovation mansion in Cartagena. For a third consecutive year, Alquímico is named The Best Bar in South America, sponsored by Scrappy’s Bitters.

No.8 Tayēr + Elementary
Tayer Elementary interior-W50BB23-LIP
Alex Kratena and Monica Berg’s east London venue is more than just a bar. From the ingredients-led seasonal cocktails to the modernist, sustainably-minded techniques that underpin them and the bespoke bar stations from which they’re served, everything about this two-for-the-price-of-one bar is progressive.

No.7 Licorería Limantour
Mexico City
Licoreria Limantour interior-W50BB23-LIP
Licorería Limantour changed the face of the Mexico City bar scene when it opened in 2011. Led by Benjamin Padrón and José Luis Leon, Limantour been a true stalwart of the 50 Best list and a pioneer of the bartender knowledge-sharing culture worldwide over the last decade.

No.6 Little Red Door
Little Red Door cocktail Saffron-W50BB23-LIP
One of the few venues with over 10 appearances in The World’s 50 Best Bars rankings, Little Red Door doesn’t just keep its standards unimpeachably high, it reinvents itself as a matter of routine. These days this cosmopolitan nightspot is a leading voice in sustainable bar practices.

No.5 Connaught Bar
Connaught Bar interior-W50BB23-LIP
Perhaps the quintessential luxury hotel bar experience, Connaught Bar has perfected luxe hospitality and service. Led by legendary bartending trio Agostino Perrone, Maura Millia and Giorgio Bargiani, there's a good reason why this bar has remained at the top of the game for the last 15 years.

No.4 Paradiso
Paradiso interior-W50BB23-LIP
Behind the fridge door of a pastrami shop in Barcelona, you’ll find this Gaudi-inspired speakeasy. Inside, a wonderland of cocktails awaits, dreamed up by the Paradiso team, led by husband-and-wife duo Giacomo Giannotti and Margarita Sader.

No.3 Handshake Speakeasy
Mexico City
Handshake Speakeasy cocktail-W50BB23-LIP
Hidden in Mexico City’s hip Colonia Juarez neighbourhood, Handshake is a black varnish, marble and brass shrine to the cocktail. While the mid-century interior celebrates the golden age, the menu looks to the future through bar director Eric Van Beek’s contemporary vision.

No.2 Double Chicken Please
New York
Double Chicken Please Interior The Coop 2-W50BB23-LIP
GN Chan, winner of the Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2023, and Faye Chen’s Lower East Side venue has been on a meteoric rise to stardom on the back of its gastronomic-inspired offering. Up front in ‘Free Range’, expect a range of draught cocktails served en masse. In the back room, better known as ‘The Coop’, expect Chan and Chen’s full wizardry to come to life. As the highest ranked bar in the continent, DCP is named The Best Bar in North America, sponsored by Tia Maria.

No.1 Sips
Sips interior-W50BB23-LIP
When two of the industry’s most creative minds come together, expect the spectacular. That’s exactly what happened when Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez created Sips in 2021. Just two years into its existence and it’s named The World’s Best Bar and The Best Bar in Europe 2023, sponsored by Perrier.

Within the drinkery, it’s all about serious cocktails served in unserious forms, such as the Primordial – a blend of 12-year-old Scotch, Ruby Port and peranashi – which is served to visitors in a metal cast of two hands.

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