Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2024: the list in pictures

Ingrid Paredes - 26/03/2024

The highly-anticipated list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was revealed at a live awards ceremony in Seoul on Tuesday 26th March.

This 12th edition of the ranking features restaurants from 19 different cities, including eight new entries and four venues re-entering the list. Scroll down to discover the full countdown and find out which establishment has been named The Best Restaurant in Asia 2024

No.50 Meet the Bund - NEW ENTRY
At Meet the Bund, Fujian chef Chen Zhiping hones the idea of concurrently upholding tradition while striving for innovation. His modern interpretation of Fujian cuisine, one of China’s eight ancient culinary traditions, is faithful to the original concept of emphasising rather than disguising the bona fide flavours of key proteins and produce, which is translated into light yet delightful dishes.

No.49 Chef Tam's Seasons
Located in the extravagant Wynn Palace complex, Chef Tam’s Seasons showcases refined Cantonese cuisine, featuring the finest seasonal produce in the most opulent surroundings. With à la carte and tasting menu options, chef Tam Kwok Fung offers a wide array of dishes, including signatures such as crispy sea cucumber filled with minced shrimp and roasted goose with plum sauce. In 2024, the eatery has retained its title as The Best Restaurant in Macau.

No.48 Anan Saigon
Ho Chi Minh City
Chef Peter Cuong Franklin, a pioneer of modern Vietnamese cuisine and one of the most recognisable faces on the country’s growing gastronomic scene, launched Anan Saigon to showcase local dishes, with a special focus on street food. The cook was inspired by his birth mother, who runs a small noodle shop in Dalat (central Vietnam). The eatery is named The Best Restaurant in Vietnam for a second consecutive year.

No.47 Cenci
Combining Japanese precision with Italian techniques and flavours, chef-patron Ken Sakamoto continues to surprise and delight diners with his ever-changing tasting menu. It is available in eight or 11 stages and includes dishes such as chives, turban shells, kitara and red ezo pine with pastured milk.

No.46 August - NEW ENTRY
Opened in late 2021, August was the winner of the American Express One To Watch Award 2023 and now debuts on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list itself. Chef Hans Christian and seasoned F&B professional Budi Cahyadi have come together to create this labour of love, showcasing local Indonesian flavours and referencing the chef’s childhood memories and snacks.

No.45 Goh - NEW ENTRY
Chef Takeshi Fukuyama opened his first solo venture in 2002: La Maison de la Nature Goh. Two decades later, Fukuyama closed La Maison’s doors to rethink its culinary concept and started building Goh. The new and more intimate space is features a communal 10-seat table where guests are encouraged to connect with each other while devouring exquisite bites such as duck kumquat tardivo or fugu soy milk ginger.

No. 44 Avartana
Located in the luxurious ITC Grand Chola hotel, Avartana showcases the food of the Southern Indian peninsula in innovative dishes rooted in traditional flavours and ingredients. Chef Nikhil Nagpal serves up a selection of tasting menus of varying lengths, each available in vegetarian form too. These take the diners through a series of small bites, such as beetroot and curd cheese, cuttlefish with black garlic, coconut and cauliflower, and chargrilled pork belly with steamed tapioca.

No.43 Lolla - NEW ENTRY
After training in New York at the Culinary Institute of America, Philippines-born Johanne Siy worked in the US, Singapore and Europe. In 2020 she joined Lolla, where she and her team serve a mouthwatering menu that combines Asian and European elements, but has its roots in Siy’s Filipino heritage.

No.42 Baan Tepa
Chef-owner Chudaree ‘Tam’ Debhakam has created a restaurant and garden experience in Bangkok that champions local produce and Thai biodiversity in the most creative way. Opened in 2020, Baan Tepa is home to an open-kitchen dining room, chef’s table and organic culinary garden where guests can learn about local herbs and spices before sitting down to eat.

No.41 Mosu
Chef Sung Anh, the winner of the Inedit Damm Chefs’ Choice Award 2024, originally opened Mosu in 2016 in San Francisco – then a year later moved the project to his home country, South Korea. Anh derives inspiration from everyday foods but creates a reimagined version of traditional dishes. His signature abalone taco, for instance, was inspired by Korean-style ssam, essentially a piece of grilled meat wrapped in layers of leafy vegetables. Mosu is temporarily closed for a relocation, with the new venue (in the same neighbourhood) set to open in May.

No.40 102 House
A50BR24-Copy-102 House-dish1
Originally opened more than 14 years ago in a modest private kitchen in Guangdong, the restaurant led by chef Xu Jingye moved to Shanghai in 2021. A meal here is a delicious education in traditional Cantonese banquet cuisine, interpreted for the modern palate. Take for instance the signature sweet-and-sour pork, part of Xu’s childhood memories: a crispy outside and soft inside fried Jihua pork, balanced expertly with seasonal fruit and house-made vinegar.

No.39 Sazenka
Chef Tomoya Kawada combines Japanese and Chinese cuisine rooted in the two countries’ shared history and adoration of tea drinking. He opened Sazenka in 2017, after training and working in both countries. The elegant 12-seats restaurant, located inside a former diplomat’s residence in Tokyo’s upmarket Minami-Azabu district, serves a seasonal tasting menu that features carefully selected Japanese ingredients used to honour the traditions of Chinese cuisine.

No.38 Les Amis
Les Amis, the French translation of 'the friends', is the sophisticated original restaurant of the Les Amis Group. The kitchen is commanded by Sebastien Lepinoy, who has more than 20 years of culinary experience under his belt. The staff at the venue, awarded with the Art of Hospitality Award in 2020, welcome diners with the finest white-gloved hospitality and every server – of cheese, truffles and caviar – has an exceptional knowledge in their respective field.

No. 37 Ando - NEW ENTRY
Hong Kong
After honing his culinary skills in Japan, Argentinian chef Agustin Balbi moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and opened Ando. The restaurant fuses elements of Spain, Italy, Argentina and Japan on the plate and in the sleek, minimalist interiors. The menu takes diners on a journey through moments, memories and people in Balbi’s life, including Sin Lola, a superbly comforting rice stew with chorizo and abalone, that is a tribute to his grandmother.

No.36 Ling Long - NEW ENTRY
The restaurant led by chef Jason Liu opened in 2023 in Shanghai after the success of its sister’s venue, Ling Long Beijing. The ever-changing set menu orbits around the concept of umami – or xian in Chinese – and aims to re-create a cross-China journey. Diners will savour eight courses with unique combinations such as flash-fried Taizhou rockfish in a lip-tingling Sichuan broth paired with fermented Cantillon gueuze.

No.35 Villa Aida
Villa Aida is a secluded retreat in the heart of rural Wakayama, about one hour’s drive south of Osaka. Opened in 1998, it is run by chef Kanji Kobayashi and his wife Yumi as a rustic restaurant serving innovative, Italian-inspired cuisine. In the 10-course tasting menu, vegetables are the stars of the show. Kobayashi grew up in a farming family and grows most of the organic produce for the restaurant himself.

No.34 Mume
Led by chef Richie Lin, Mume combines an international outlook, predilection for minimalist, Nordic-inspired plating and passion for Taiwanese produce all into one. Through the menu, the chef explores underrated local ingredients and applies modern European techniques to create stunning, colourful dishes like mahi mahi fish with salted kombu and crème fraiche or prawn with kumquat and lemon balm.

No.33 JL Studio – RE-ENTRY
Inspired by the authentic flavours of his childhood, Singaporean chef Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw opened JL Studio in 2017 to offer a taste of his homeland heritage in every dish. The restaurant, located on the second floor of a modern complex in Taichung’s Qiqi district, harmoniously blends tradition and modernity in its menu. Lim’s Hainanese chicken rice is reinvented with seasonal Taiwanese fish poached in an aromatic broth, resulting in a texture reminiscent of the original, but with an even deeper, more rounded flavour.

No.32 Caprice
Hong Kong
With its glass-floored catwalk, dazzling crystal chandeliers, panoramic harbour views and smooth service from a fleet of immaculately groomed staff, Caprice oozes opulence at every opportunity. Here, every meal is destined to be a memorable occasion that’s well worth dressing up for. Guillaume Galliot leads the kitchen and his Kagoshima wagyu beef with wild mushroom socca and a decadent red wine sauce are unmissable.

No.31 Seroja - NEW ENTRY
The 24-seat Seroja – which means Lotus Flower in the Malay language – showcases the cuisine of the Malay Archipelago in the skilled hands of chef Kevin Wong. His signature mangrove wood-charred scallops with laksa leaf sauce is one of standout dishes in a multi-course Nusantara menu. The eatery debuted strongly in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants winning the Highest New Entry Award 2024, sponsored by Nongshim.

No.30 Labyrinth
Labyrinth takes inspiration from many Singaporean classics, but turns them into the most modernised and elegant versions of themselves. Chef Liguang Han’s food is constantly evolving, and every meal here feels different, yet the core of his ideas stem from dishes that you find along the streets of the city. Having won the Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2021, the venue added the Highest Climber Award to its trophy cabinet in 2023. 

No.29 Samrub Samrub Thai – RE-ENTRY
After its anticipated relocation to the vibrant Silom area, Samrub Samrub Thai continues to be one of Bangkok’s most prominent restaurants that also serves as an educational platform, highlighting nearly-forgotten ingredients through ancient Thai recipes. Chef Prin Polsuk, a veteran of Mandarin Oriental’s Sala Rim Naam and Nahm by David Thompson, is an international name, but locally he is considered the unofficial ambassador of Thai cuisine.

No.28 Meta
The restaurant opened its door in 2015 and chef Sun Kim has been at its helm ever since. In July 2023, it moved to a new location with an intimate 26-seat dining room and a more modern, minimalist and elegant interior, but retains the welcoming feel that has always been part of Meta. The open kitchen allows diners a ring-side view on Chef Kim’s style of contemporary cuisine with a global approach and Korean inflections.

No.27 Mono
Hong Kong
Within a few months of opening in late 2019, Mono quickly switched its identity from a contemporary French restaurant to a champion of modern Latin American cuisine. Venezuelan-born chef Ricardo Chaneton heads the kitchen: expect cachapas (Venezuelan corn pancakes) with caviar and murupi chillies native to South America; Andean vegetables salad, and Mexican tetelas (corn masa pockets) with escargot stew, among other delights.

No.26 Indian Accent
New Delhi
Indian Accent never fails to impress with its winning combination of creative, modern dishes and warm hospitality. Season after season, chef Manish Mehrotra’s inventive tasting menus have played judiciously with his country’s palate to craft truly unique takes on the classics of the Indian subcontinent. The tasting menu is a colourful procession of small bites, such as house-made paneer with sarson saag (mustard greens in a creamy and spicy sauce) and pickled onion, or meetha achaar pork ribs.

No.25 Born
Chef Zor Tan is former protégé of the legendary Andre Chiang, having been under Chiang’s tutelage at three different establishments. Born is Chef Tan’s inaugural independent restaurant, where he showcases his own cuisine rooted in the founding philosophy of his childhood: ‘contentment comes from having a full belly.’ The tasting menu chart a journey through nine principles: Birth, Roots, Memories, Craft, Relationship, Vicissitudes, Time, Progress and Legacy.

No.24 Toyo Eatery
Run by husband-and-wife team Jordy and May Navarra, the restaurant prioritises Filipino produce and people, fostering long-term relationships with local farmers and artisans. In 2024 the eatery is named The Best Restaurant in Philippines for a fifth time. Toyo, the Filipino word for soy sauce, presents local ingredients in modern ways, playing with fermentation and preservation techniques to create a bold palate of flavours.

No.23 Masque
One of India’s most forward-thinking restaurants, Masque’s raison d’être is to show off the wealth of India’s produce, extracting maximum flavour from local ingredients in a 10-course tasting menu served in a stylish former Mumbai textile mill. Founded by restaurateur Aditi Dugar, Masque has won a string of accolades since opening in 2016 from the One To Watch Award in 2020 to its most recent status as The Best Restaurant in India in both 2023 and 2024.

No.22 Logy – RE-ENTRY
Logy is a cousin of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants top-ten mainstay Florilège. Chef Ryogo Tahara is at the helm of the eatery that celebrates local Taiwanese ingredients while remaining true to the roots of its Tokyo relative. The menu is formed by complex, refined dishes such as golden-hued amaebi (sweet shrimp) with sea urchin, Shaoxing wine jelly and mango or Hokkaido scallop with fermented chili pepper. Furthermore, Logy's chief sommelier Kevin Lu boasts the Beronia Asia’s Best Sommelier Award 2024.

No.21 Onjium
In Korean, onjium means ‘creating in the right way’. Here, the fuel to create comes from digging into centuries-old recipe books – after all, this restaurant is part of an institute that has been studying Korean heritage since 2013. The kitchen, led by chefs Eun-hee Cho and Sung-bae Park, uses seasonal ingredients in dishes crafted according to recipes that have been reimagined after years of research.

No.20 Euphoria
At Euphoria, guests are introduced to ‘Gastro-Botanica’, a culinary style defined by chef-owner Jason Tan. Essentially, it’s a way of cooking that celebrates high-quality vegetables in all their forms. It avoids the rich, dairy-heavy mother sauces of classic French cuisine, replacing them with lighter versions to complement its core ingredients. The eatery opened in 2020 in a beautifully designed former shophouse on Singapore’s Tras Street with just 26 covers.

No.19 Fu He Hui
Situated amongst the leafy plane tree-lined streets of Shanghai’s former French Concession, Fu He Hui extends over three floors of earth tone-hued private dining rooms. With its minimalistic aesthetic, this premium vegetarian oasis is seemingly a world away from the bustle of one of the globe’s most populated cities outside its door. The venue pays tribute to quality seasonal ingredients from across China, created by veteran head chef Tony Lu.

No.18 7th Door – RE-ENTRY
A50BR24-Copy-7th Door-dish2
A former musician before he turned his attention to the kitchen, Dae-chun Kim, is the brain and hands behind 7th Door. The DNA of the restaurant is built on the fundamentals of traditional Korean cuisine: ageing and fermentation. Eating here is to experience the intersection where Kim’s deep appreciation for ancient, classic cooking collides with his thirst for innovative ingredients and modern methods. The result will enchant the most demanding palate.

No.17 Potong
Housed in a narrow multi-floor building in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Potong is the creationof chef Pichaya ‘Pam’ Soontornyanakij, named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024. Guests experience a 20-course tasting menu of innovative Thai-Chinese cuisine, which takes them through through Chef Pam’s culinary memories and emotions, focusing  on five elements: salt, acid, spice, texture and Maillard reaction (the chemical process of reducing sugars that brings distinctive flavour).

No.16 Neighborhood
Hong Kong
Down a hidden laneway and surrounded by rowdy bars, wet markets and antique shops, Neighborhood is – at first glance – an unlikely gourmet destination. Yet diners come from all over town, and well beyond, for a taste of chef-owner David Lai’s seemingly simple and mostly French cooking. Despite no website, marketing and social media, the restaurant still books out weeks in advance.

No.15 Burnt Ends
After shuttering its original location in late 2021, Burnt Ends moved to a new spot on Dempsey Hill, taking over an entire building to house all its multiple concepts under one roof: bakery, wine cellar, cocktail bar, private dining room and main restaurant. Chef Dave Pynt remains at the helm but works closely with executive chef Patrick Leano to ensure that new dishes appear on the menu with the distinctive Burnt Ends DNA. Nearly all of the food is kissed by the flame, whether directly from the grill or from an oven pit with burning logs.

No.14 Narisawa
After two decades as one of Tokyo’s finest dining destinations, chef Yoshihiro Narisawa’s eponymous restaurant in Tokyo’s upmarket Aoyama district needs little introduction. After topping the inaugural Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013, Narisawa has been a stalwart of the ranking ever since. The chef channels the traditional satoyama farming system of premodern Japan – flatland cultivation, husbandry of the nearby forests and hunting-foraging in the mountains – in his exquisite dishes.

No.13 Mingles
Since opening in April 2014 in Seoul’s buzzy Cheongdam-dong district, Mingles has impressed local and international diners with refined Korean cookery that weaves in inspiration from Hong Kong and Europe. Named The Best Restaurant in Korea 2024, sponsored by Bibigo, the eatery led by chef Mingoo Kang is perfect for exploring unsung local ingredients, from acorn jelly to bellflower root.

No.12 Le Du
A50BR24--Le-Du (2)
Le Du, meaning ‘season’ in Thai, worked its way up the ranking of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2017, arriving at the No.1 spot in 2023. The brainchild of chef-owner Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn, it showcases refined modern Thai cuisine based on the country’s extraordinary agricultural heritage and centuries-old culinary techniques – and its unique style of food has impressed critics and diners from across the continent.

No.11 Sorn
Supaksorn 'Ice' Jongsiri, Sorn's chef-patron, grew up in close contact with his grandmother’s southern cooking. Together with his own personal vision, Chef Ice transforms the flavours and memories of his encounters with diverse southern Thai cultures into a one-of-a-kind innovative cuisine. This is, allegedly, the most difficult restaurant to book in Thailand, partly due to its impeccable service. The front-of-house team is trained to communicate the stories and memories behind every dish in detail.

No.10 Odette
A50BR24--Odette (2)
While the core of the food at Odette is predominantly French at heart, chef Julien Royer has been in Singapore since 2008 and openly embraces the use of ingredients and techniques commonly found in Asia. You’ll often find Japanese fish and citrus featured on his menu, or even a salad where all the herbs and leaves are grown on a local farm. The restaurant, named after Royer’s grandmother, has a wide repertoire, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a completely different menu served at each table.

No.9 La Cime
Located in Osaka’s business district, La Cime (French for the peak or summit) showcases the impeccable modern French cuisine of chef Yusuke Takada. Launched in 2010, the restaurant offers a menu that is not only precise, creative and beautifully executed but also unfailingly tasty. The signature dish, Boudin Dog – a batter-fried morsel of boudin noir (blood sausage), coloured with edible bamboo and charcoal eaten in a single bite – cannot be missed.

No.8 Den
Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s iconic restaurant is unlike any other in Japan. Drawing on his training in kaiseki (Japan’s elegant multi-course cuisine), Hasegawa’s menus incorporate a diverse range of influences from home cooking to fast food favourites. All of this combined with the seamless front-of-house service led by the chef’s wife, Emi, which was recognised in 2017 with the inaugural Art of Hospitality award at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, make the eatery a must when visiting Tokyo.

No.7 Sühring
With nearly eight years under its belt, fine dining fixture Sühring continues to impress all-comes with its elegant, modern take on German cuisine. The tasting menu created by twin brothers Mathias and Thomas Sühring takes you on a Central European journey through the duo’s childhood memories. Expect to find pickling, fermentation and curing as part of a perfectly plated, consistently elevated and smartly sourced experience.

No.6 Nusara
Opened in 2020 by chef Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn alongside his brother Chaisiri ‘Tam’ Tassanakajohn, Nusara honours the memory of their beloved grandmother, after whom the restaurant is named. Passionate about highlighting his country’s ingredients, the team blends history with innovation, resulting in a singular modern Thai cuisine. Prepare to try unique dishes such as the hyper-colourful blue swimming crab curry, the smoked chicken green curry or the delicate beef dumplings. It is not only about great food at Nusara, but also excellent service, thus it received the Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2024.

No.5 Wing
Hong Kong
Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Canada, Vicky Cheng initially made his name cooking refined French food. Returning to his birth city, Cheng found himself drawn more and more to his culinary roots and, in 2021, he launched Wing, with a focus on modern Chinese cooking. The two tasting menus options, designed to be shared by the table, can include exquisitely plated starters such as braided strips of smoked eggplant in sour sauce and a luxurious version of the humble spring roll made with a whole sea cucumber. Climbing an astonishing 32 places from its 2023 ranking, this year Wing is bestowed the Highest Climber Award 2024, sponsored by Korean Air.

No.4 The Chairman
Hong Kong
Chef Danny Yip – winner of the Icon Award 2024 – opened The Chairman in 2009 to offer the finest version of Cantonese cuisine. A former No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, it has since relocated to a more upscale space in Central. Yip and his dedicated team spare no effort in sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, embodying the restaurant’s dedication to excellence. They hand-pick fish from the market daily, own a farm where they cure meat, craft pickles and create other preserves, and produce complex condiments, broths and sauces in-house, resulting in The Chairman’s own wheel of flavours. As a result, it is named The Best Restaurant in Hong Kong once again.

No.3 Gaggan Anand
The legendary Indian chef-restaurateur Gaggan Anand opened his eponymous restaurant in 2020 after closing his previous project, Gaggan. This new, more intimate space takes diners into what Gaggan calls ‘food opera’. The theatrical cooking feeds into a multi-sensory journey of touch, sound, lights, smell, taste and the sixth element of surprise. Expect Indian spices and herbs in reinterpretations of traditional dishes that should be eaten with your hands. There’s little doubt that the eatery named The Best Restaurant in Thailand 2024 will provide a memorable dining experience.

No.2 Florilège
Florilège offers a unique blend of French and Japanese cuisines, delivered in the most sustainable way possible. Chef Hiroyasu Kawate serves his creative tasting menus of contemporary French-accented food in a new setting, having relocated last year. Kawate-san has also committed to use less meat and seafood and more vegetables, resulting in plant-forward dishes. Modest names such as eggplant, mushroom or soybean flan will surprise guests with their complex, deep flavours.

No.1 Sézanne
Named after a medieval town in the Champagne region of France, Sézanne debuted on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2022 at No.17. Just one year later, it climbed right up to No.2, taking home The Best Restaurant in Japan title. In 2024, chef Daniel Calvert and his team surpassed their feats by reaching the pinnacle to be named The Best Restaurant in Asia 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.

Rooted in a neo-French ethos, Calvert’s culinary style also highlights the best of his experience across Asia, with highly refined and beautifully delivered dishes making up the seasonal tasting menu. Located within the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, the interior is the work of acclaimed designer Andre Fu. The level of service matches the elevated cooking, with a superb wine list available and exceptional hospitality on display.

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The list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was announced at a live awards ceremony on Tuesday 26th March from Seoul. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on InstagramFacebookX and YouTube, and sign up to our newsletter