The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2024: the list revealed

Ingrid Paredes - 05/06/2024


The highly anticipated list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was revealed on Wednesday 5 June in a glitzy and glamourous live awards ceremony held at Wynn Las Vegas. The event brought together the best chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality industry icons on the planet.

The 22nd edition of the annual ranking features restaurants from 26 territories, five continents and eight exciting new and re-entries. Discover the list and find out which venue was named No.1, taking home the trophy and being crowned The World’s Best Restaurant 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna

No.50 Uliassi
Set in a paradisiacal location between the marina and the beach with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, the restaurant led by siblings head chef Mauro and maître d' Catia Uliassi has been a food destination since it opened in 1990. The menu sees 10 new dishes added every year and features a mix of classic and innovative plates. Treats including the iconic foie gras wafer and kir royale set the tone for a feast that also includes seared cuttlefish and red shrimp with orange peel. 

No.49 La Colombe NEW ENTRY
Cape Town
Great food and views go hand-in-hand at this South African stunner tucked away at the top of Constantia Nek, looking over the Constantia Valley towards the sea. At La Colombe, chef James Gaag and his team create elegant dishes grounded in French technique and accented with Asian flourishes. The eight or 10-course tasting menus are executed with impeccable precision, yet the experience remains playful and approachable, with guests selecting their own canapes as they begin their meal. As the restaurant is on a wine estate, you’re guaranteed a great glass, although a lot of thought has gone into the low and no ABV options too.

No.48 Hiša Franko
Chef Ana Roš put Slovenia on the gastronomic map after being voted The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017. The self-taught cook specialises in truly local food, only using produce sourced within a few kilometres of the restaurant found in the stunning surroundings of the Soča Valley. The current tasting menu, called ’50 Shades of Red’, includes dishes such as garden leaves with a brown butter emulsion, cappelletti with black pear and Jerusalem artichoke and quail egg and alpine caviar. 

No.47 Schloss Schauenstein
Housed in a remote castle at the top of a mountain in a tiny town in Switzerland, it’s unlikely you’ll accidentally stumble on Schloss Schauenstein, but it's definitely worth the trip. The memorable dining experience led by chef Andreas Caminada is a modern incarnation of European cooking, complemented by super friendly service and a forward-thinking vision that made them the winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2019.

No.46 SingleThread – RE-ENTRY 
Led by Kyle and Katina Connaughton, SingleThread is a destination restaurant and boutique hotel in the picturesque Californian town of Healdsburg in the wine-famous Sonoma Valley. Chef Kyle oversees the kitchen, presenting an exquisite tasting menu with a strong Japanese influence. Katina runs the couple’s nearby 24-acre farm, from which most of the restaurant’s produce is sourced.

No.45 Arpège – RE-ENTRY
This Parisian restaurant is a temple of vegetables and plant-based dishes. The 'maestro' of vegetarian cuisine, Alain Passard removed meat from the menu in 2001 – way before this became popular – and since then has been enchanting diners with his super fresh creations. The menu is crafted using seasonal and local ingredients harvested daily from Passard’s three biodynamic and organic farms and kitchen gardens just outside Paris.

No.44 Mingles NEW ENTRY 
Acclaimed Korean chef Mingoo Kang is the creative head behind Mingles, named The Best Restaurant in Korea 2024 as part of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Feast on uncommon local ingredients – from acorn jelly and abalone to bellflower root – in a warm, uncluttered and earth-toned space. Kang’s now legendary ‘mingling pot’, which simmers morel and cabbage ssam with beef tendon and abalone should not be missed.

No.43 Nobelhart & Schmutzig
Describing itself as ‘vocally local’ and ‘Germany’s most political restaurant’, Nobelhart & Schmutzig has been committed to serving only ingredients from the greater Berlin region since it opened in 2015. Owner-sommelier Billy Wagner and chef Micha Schäfer present a six-course dinner with a side order of fun and a strict no-photos policy, that invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the dining experience and connect with the flavours of the region. 

No.42 Ikoyi
Friends Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale launched Ikoyi in 2017, with little formal training, but a lot of talent and creativity. The menu crafted by gifted chef Chan features bold and innovative dishes defying categorisation and utilising diverse produce from across Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom. The unobtrusive but friendly service overseen by Hassan-Odukale pairs perfectly with this unique dining experience.

No.41 Mayta
Chef Jaime Pesaque’s refined Peruvian cuisine draws diners from all over the world to enjoy the nine-course tasting menu. The colourful dishes are a delight for both eyes and mouth. Corn with tarwi (Andean beans) and quinoa flower, and ribs with fava beans, are just a couple of the must-experience options that can be found in this culinary art gallery. 

No.40 Le Du
Translated to ‘seasons’ in Thai, Le Du is the brainchild of chef and co-owner Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn, who launched the restaurant in 2013. Named No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2023, Le Du showcases refined seasonal Thai ingredients with modern flair. Local staple dishes such as khao chae, a popular summer meal in Thailand is reimagined with a creamy jasmine-scented ice cream paired with pork pate, shrimp and pickled radish. 

No.39 Piazza Duomo
Enrico Crippa’s cuisine is a voyage through space and time, led by taste, colour, texture and aroma. The ‘Seasonal Things’ menu features 11 courses utilising produce from Piazza Duomo’s greenhouses and organic and biodynamic gardens. Every bite blends the flair of French cuisine with Italian passion and Japanese precision, all enjoyed in a historical building with views of Alba’s stunning Piazza Risorgimento and its marvellous duomo. 

No.38 Sorn – RE-ENTRY 
Owner and executive chef Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jongsiri, along with head chef Yodkwan ‘Yod’ U-Prumpruk, are national – and international – gastronomic ambassadors for Southern Thai cuisine. The dishes celebrate both regional cuisine and chef Ice’s childhood. Located in 90-year-old house, diners at Sorn get an insight into traditional cooking methods and hyperlocal ingredients. The signature dish, khao uum, a traditional rice salad prepared with torch ginger, wing bean, lemongrass and toasted coconut, is legendary. 

No.37 Oteque – RE-ENTRY 
Rio de Janeiro 
Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, the flagship restaurant of chef Alberto Landgraf is a Brazilian temple of seafood. The cosy yet elegant space encourages local and international diners to relax and savour a minimalist but sophisticated tasting menu where the fresh ingredients are the star of the show. A pickled sardine with raw foie gras and brioche, juicy steamed oyster with pork skin and pork spine broth, and a dessert of raw Brazil nut ice cream wow guests.

No.36 The Jane
Located on the site of a former military hospital dating back to the 19th century, The Jane has been re-fitted to feel like a true temple to gastronomy and is no doubt among the most architecturally beautiful restaurants in the world. From design and art to staff uniforms and music, chef-owner Nick Bril enlivens all senses at this church to fine dining. Diners enjoy a well-balanced set menu, mostly composed of (raw) fish and shellfish with delicacies such as the signature lobster with dashi butter. 

No.35 Frantzén
Frantzén, the brainchild of former professional footballer and current chef Björn Frantzén, is a unique hybrid of Nordic cuisine that marries classic and modern techniques inspired by local tradition with Asian notes. Just one menu is available at lunch and dinner, which might feature the likes of scallop, sea urchin, cucumber, coriander and buttermilk; blue lobster, artichoke, lardo, citrus leaves oil and myoga; and quail barbecued with green peas, maitake and Japanese mustard. 

No.34 Rosetta
Mexico City
Chef Elena Reygadas was studying English literature before she fell in love with gastronomy. After taking formal training at the French Culinary Institute in New York and working at Locanda Locatelli in London, she returned to Mexico City in 2010 and opened Rosetta. What started as an Italian-inspired restaurant serving fresh pasta, has now evolved to Mexican-focused cuisine with a reinterpretation of traditional dishes. The signature taco is prepared with savoy cabbage leaves rather than a corn tortilla.  

No.33 Pujol
Mexico City
Founded by chef Enrique Olvera, Pujol presents an innovative proposal rooted in high-quality indigenous ingredients and diverse techniques, adding a modern twist to traditional Mexican recipes and serving them in the most elegant way possible. With the motto ‘never waste’, Pujol prioritises sustainability by supporting small farms, taking care of the soil and using resources efficiently. The colourful and stylish dishes change daily and may include a blood orange aguachile (similar to ceviche) and a mouth-watering tuna taco. 

No.32 Den
Arguably the most relaxed and welcoming Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, charismatic chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s ever-creative take on the elevated cuisine of his homeland is innovative, humorous and always satisfying. The cuisine is firmly based on kaiseki, Japan’s hyper-seasonal dining tradition, but the menu draws inspiration from all quarters. Hasegawa’s signature Dentucky Fried Chicken wings would be a sin to miss, as well as the 20-ingredient Den salad including an ant or two. 

No.31 Belcanto
The first culinary endeavour of admired chef José Avillez takes diners on a trip through contemporary Portuguese cuisine. The well-designed 45-seat restaurant is an intimate space decorated with vaulted ceilings, minimalist chandeliers and high windows. Dishes on the à la carte and tasting menu include grilled hake with coriander, cured egg yolk and black truffle, and the whimsically named, ‘The garden of the goose that laid the golden eggs’, which features egg with crunchy bread and mushrooms. 

No.30 Restaurant Tim Raue
After travelling around Asia and falling in love with the food, chef Tim Raue moved back to Berlin and opened his eponymous restaurant in 2010. Inspired by Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine, the chef created a menu that combines elements from each country. At the same time, Raue’s dishes are focused on releasing energy to the body instead of stressing it, so you won’t find the likes of bread, pasta or rice on the menu, as well as refined sugar, dairy products and gluten.

No.29 Boragó
The dishes created by chef Rodolfo Guzmán are not only visually striking and incredibly tasty, but also crafted with sustainability at the core. Having a zero-mile cooking philosophy, maintaining local ecosystems and responsible sourcing are some of the measurements implemented at Boragó. Chef Guzmán highlights native Chilean produce and incorporates autochthonous plants in his cooking, resulting in creatively executed plates such as pink Maule tomato steak with wild grapes and fruits, and king crab with sea carrot custard.

No.28 Elkano
Aitor Arregui inherited this restaurant from his father Pedro, and continued with the same grilling technique that made Elkano famous not only in the Basque Country, but across the world. Nestled in the heart of Getaria and surrounded by the Cantabrian Sea, where the signature turbot is caught before being carefully grilled whole, many of the best chefs on the planet make a pilgrimage here. Kokotxas, a traditional Basque fish stew and spring mushrooms are some of the options found on the tasting menu.

No.27 A Casa do Porco
São Paulo
The quirkily decorated restaurant run by co-chefs Jefferson Rueda and Janaína Torres is found in the heart of downtown São Paulo. Honouring its name which translates as ‘the house of the pig’, A Casa do Porco offers an à la carte and tasting menu that utilises every part of the animal. On the menu, you’ll find everything from an artisanal selection of charcuterie to cassava crunch and roast pork, a mortadella sandwich with watercress emulsion and pork tartare.

No.26 The Chairman 
Hong Kong
The Chairman is a phenomenon precisely because it doesn’t seek to be: no theatrics, no PR tactics, no Instagram-focused plating – this is a restaurant where the food comes first, followed swiftly by a relaxed, homely vibe. Its quietly innovative rewriting of classic Cantonese cooking comes in the form of entirely new recipes built on the bedrock of China’s culinary history. Led by Danny Yip with the support of head chef Kwok Keung Tung, the menu features dishes like Sichuan peppercorn stewed oxtail and steamed fresh flowery crab with aged Shaoxing wine, fragrant chicken oil and flat rice noodles. 

No.25 El Chato
Chef Álvaro Clavijo is the creative force behind this contemporary Colombian bistro paying homage to the producers he works with. Committed to redefining local flavours, Clavijo routinely explores his country looking for new produce to include on the seasonal à la carte and tasting menus, which may feature the likes of chicken hearts with candied native potato and suero costeño, a fermented-milk-based condiment; mussels with coconut rice and arracacha, a root vegetable; and lobster with tamarind and ant. 

No.24 Odette
Odette is a modern French restaurant founded by chef Julien Royer in 2015 as a gastronomic love letter to his grandmother of the same name. The five-to-seven-course tasting menus are based on French cuisine, but an Asian influence is also evident in many of the dishes. Royer, winner of the Chefs’ Choice Award 2023 for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, comes from a family of farmers, which explains his careful approach to produce and interest in sourcing ingredients from artisanal producers. 

No.23 Sühring – RE-ENTRY 
Twin brothers Mathias and Thomas Sühring meld flavours, techniques and experiences accumulated in their native Germany, as well as the Netherlands, Italy and Thailand, under one modish roof in the busy Thai capital. Dishes such as Aal Grün, smoked eel with cucumber, dill and pike roe; and a take on the regional German vegetable dish Leipziger Allerlei, with Brittany lobster, white asparagus, peas and morels incite plenty of German culinary nostalgia. 

No.22 Steirereck
Chef Heinz Reitbauer took over this family restaurant almost 20 years ago. The original building where the eatery is located dates from 1904, but the striking mirrored-glass extension has walls that rise up in the summer months to create a semi al-fresco dining in Vienna’s green Stadtpark. The menu showcases numerous unknown or long-forgotten Austrian ingredients, including rare breeds of meat and fish and near-extinct fruit and vegetable varieties. A heaven for bread lovers, this restaurant shows off the creativity of local bakers, with 25 varieties on offer.

No.21 Florilège
At Florilège, chef Hiroyasu Kawate serves his creative tasting menus of contemporary French-accented cuisine to guests seated around a single, long, 16-seater table. Coming from a family of chefs, Kawate always knew he wanted to follow the same path. After more than a decade creating sustainable dishes, Chef now wants to go further with his mission. The cook and his team are committed to serving less meat, dairy and seafood, offering a plant-forward menu centred around locally harvested Japanese vegetables. 

No.20 Wing – NEW ENTRY
Hong Kong
Wing’s fare serves as a homage to the Eight Great Chinese cuisines, innovatively respecting tradition through a no-rules contemporary interpretation. Think dry-aged crispy Cantonese chicken – a recipe that took more than 80 trials to perfect; house-cured century egg paired with Japanese oysters; and a pork belly-like slab of braised sea cucumber enveloped in a puffed spring roll. Wing makes its debut in The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, winning the title of Highest New Entry 2024.

No.19 Reale
Castel di Sangro 
Housed in a 16th-century monastery surrounded by greenery, Reale is the masterpiece of chef Niko Romito. The restaurant places huge emphasis on the world of plants, with a cuisine style that looks to leave guests in awe. The minimalism on the plate belies the complexity of flavour at play. With dishes like ‘Carrot’, ‘Courgette’ and ‘Cauliflower’ (depending on the time of year), there is much more beyond their modest names. Over the years, Chef Romito has dedicated a lot of time to studying fermentation and flour, so you definitely won’t want to skip the bread.

No.18 Plénitude
This Parisian restaurant has it all: amazing location, elegant design, impressive food from renowned chef Arnaud Donckele and excellent service. With an exceptional – and sometimes emotional – dining experience, Plénitude won the Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2024. Alexandre Larvoir orchestrates the choreography of the front of house, guiding guests on a tour around the venue. The excursion includes a visit to a ‘secret’ cheese cave where diners can select their preferred fromage and even their own plates. 

No.17 Kol
Mexican chef Santiago Lastra launched Kol in late 2020 with a vision to produce authentic Mexican food using predominantly UK ingredients. This challenging task led to creative replacements – like using sea buckthorn instead of lime – giving a distinctly British nuance to his cuisine. On the ever-evolving tasting menu, Lastra’s signature langoustine taco has been the only mainstay since launch. The taco arrives pre-assembled and ready to roll, with the crustacea head served separately, designed to be squeezed onto the dish for added umami depth. 

No.16 Kjolle
Kjolle is the first solo venture from Pía León, who rose to fame as the head chef of Central in Lima, now part of the Best of the Best hall of fame. At Kjolle, León strives to preserve natural flavours by showing dishes with a high level of research and testing, but the produce is always recognisable and never overly manipulated, with as little waste as possible. León’s most recognisable dish is simply named Many Tubers and consists of toasted yellow and red slices of olluco, an Andean potato-like root, held together by a creamy oca paste – a highland tuber – served on a tart made from cañihua dough, a cereal similar to quinoa.

No.15 Sézanne 
British chef Daniel Calvert opened Sezánne in 2021 after working in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong. The success of his French cuisine plated with Japanese precision, led to Sezánne being crowned No.1 at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024. The mouthwatering menu changes according to the ingredients available and could include memorable dishes such as duck foie gras slow-poached with chicken leg and soy sauce; Akkeshi oysters served with white asparagus and borage; and a spectacular Sauternes ice cream with saffron from Saga.

No.14 Quique Dacosta
Quique Dacosta, the man behind the eponymous restaurant, pays homage to the fish, seafood and rice dishes of the Levant in this haven of Valencian cuisine. With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Dacosta’s food has always been sensational to look at, while elevating Spain’s edible ecosystem with clever innovation and advanced technique. His 2024 tasting menu, Por Amor al Arte II (For the Love of Art II), aims to stimulate diners’ feelings and emotions with a harmonious and sensitive approach. 

No.13 Trèsind Studio 
An ode to India’s rich and diverse culinary heritage, Himanshu Saini and his team guide diners with the most personal service possible through a nuanced yet approachable exploration of 17 dishes. The 20-seater restaurant resembles an intimate theatre where the open kitchen is the stage. Natural elements such as fresh flowers, leaves, shells and butterflies play the main characters of a four-act show that highlights the best of every region. From the humble pani puri, to the ceremonial Sadhya and a Studio version of a comforting curry, all bases are covered.

No.12 Lido 84
Gardone Riviera
Lido 84 serves quintessentially Italian food – just not as you know it. Years of research into local ingredients, old recipe books and international cooking techniques, combined with a penchant for art in all its forms and a deep-held belief in putting the customer first, have turned Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini’s restaurant into a masterpiece. In a charming old building on the shores of Lake Garda, diners enjoy Riccardo’s almost poetic ode to craftmanship and the highest-quality products. 

No.11 Septime 
Graphic designer-turned-chef Bertrand Grébaut, formerly of Alain Passard’s iconic Arpège, heads the kitchen of this super cool restaurant, while his school friend and former economist Théo Pourriat runs the dining room and selects the wines. The food in this neo-industrial bistro is dictated by the seasons and served without pretension. Expect thoughtful, ingredient-driven plates with global touches, such as roasted endive with rye bread sauce and pickled mustard seeds, or a perfectly grilled green asparagus stalk accompanied by a wild herb sauce, pickled wild garlic and wisps of black pork bacon. 

No.10 Don Julio
Buenos Aires
Pablo Rivero opened Don Julio in 1999 as a neighbourhood parrilla (steakhouse) when he was in his early 20s. Today, the family-run restaurant represents Argentina on the biggest gastronomic stages with Rivero’s unmatched passion for organic agriculture and local produce. Executive chef Guido Tassi designs the menu ‘around the seed’, focusing on seasonal availability and local crops, and choosing only grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle for the best steaks and incredible artisan charcuterie. Besides the speciality steaks, Don Julio proudly offers an extensive range of top-quality wines: the restaurant’s cellar holds more than 14,000 Argentine labels. This passion helped Rivero win the Beronia World's Best Sommelier Award 2024 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

No.9 Gaggan
Indian chef Gaggan Anand is on a mission to push the boundaries of the fine dining experience, seeking to create, “a culinary adventure of the senses and a roller coaster ride of emotions”. The menu offers a one-of-a-kind progressive Indian cuisine with a fine dining twist, and French, Thai and Japanese influences. Guests may be encouraged to eat with their hands or even lick the plate. Gaggan was voted No.3 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 and earned the title of The Best Restaurant in Asia 2024 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. 

No.8 Alchemist
Be prepared for a journey unlike anything else you’ve undertaken in a restaurant. Two heavy bronze doors with decorations reminiscent of Narnia or Middle-Earth lead you into the mysterious world of Alchemist. The theatrical and immersive dining experience, led by Rasmus Munk, takes place under a domed roof with various graphics which change according to the dishes. Munk seamlessly merges classic techniques, modern research and the best produce available, resulting in food packed with flavour but also with powerful messages about the environment and other important social issues. 

No.7 Quintonil 
Mexico City
Named after a green herb that features in some of the dishes and drinks, Quintonil is a go-to for those looking for fresh, local ingredients and traditional Mexican flavours. The restaurant is the masterpiece of chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores, who brings exceptional hospitality to the equation. The seasonal tasting menu features creative dishes such as duck pibil tamales with elote cream, braised oxtail in traditional black recado sauce, crème fraîche with melipona honey, cape gooseberry and caviar or prickly pear snow. 

No.6 Atomix
New York
This is Korean dining at its very finest: sophisticated and flavoursome food, with dishes grounded in heritage, but distinct and innovative. The dishes are delivered with an attention to detail that ensures every diner departs in wonderment. Ellia Park, who runs the business and her husband, chef Junghyun ‘JP’ Park, provide the ultimate gastronomic manifestation of the K-Wave phenomenon. Take for instance the lamb with deodeok [a Korean root vegetable] or sea cucumber served with shrimp and egg over rice. Each dish is served in beautiful bespoke ceramics accompanied by an explanatory card providing accessible information on the ingredients, origin and inspiration, helping to make Atomix The Best Restaurant in North America 2024.

No.5 Maido
This elegant restaurant set in the trendy neighbourhood of Miraflores in Lima was opened in 2009 by esteemed chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura. The charismatic Micha combines Japanese techniques and Peruvian ingredients into Nikkei cuisine. A tasting and a à la carte menu are available, featuring delicacies like The Triple, a combination of avocado, eggs, tomato and chashu (braised pork belly); and caracoles al sillao (soy sauce), sea snails, with yellow chilli foam and Nikkei sauce. Beloved cook Micha was voted by his peers as the winner of the Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024.

No.4 Diverxo
Chef Dabiz Muñoz describes his cuisine as hedonistic, creative and unpredictable. That’s exactly what diners can expect at Diverxo. Muñoz enjoys pushing the gastronomic boundaries as much as possible. Everything at this restaurant is a piece of art, from the bold decoration to the theatrical dishes, with unique combinations like Pyrenean-matured nigiri, Japanese paella or roasted caviar with vindaloo curry and Greek yogurt. Don’t forget to pair the food with the incredible wine selection from The World’s Best Sommelier 2023, Miguel Ángel Millán.

No.3 Table by Bruno Verjus
Table (pronounced in the French way) features a long counter designed like a wave that creates private nooks, plus an open kitchen. Enthusiastic diners can follow every gesture, see every plating, including the Colours of the Day – a daily changing dish of the most seasonal herbs and vegetables – and witness how Verjus serves large green asparagus poached with seaweed, or prepares lobster with sugar snap peas, nettle and caper remoulade. The friendly service, stunning wine and incredible food saw the restaurant achieve the rare feat of entering the top 10 on its first appearance in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2023, rising even higher in 2024. 

No.2 Asador Etxebarri
This magical destination restaurant, found in a peaceful Basque village surrounded by mountains and lush greenery, has food enthusiasts travelling from all over the world to try the extraordinary dishes created by Victor Arguinzoniz. The chef emphasises the natural flavours and prioritises the ingredients in both the a la carte and 14-course tasting menus. Every dish is prepared using the grill, from the anchovy on toast and succulent red Palamós prawn to the milk ice cream with beetroot that ends the meal. Asador Etxebarri has been consistently ranking high in The World's 50 Best Restaurants list and has only been off the list once since 2009.

No.1 Disfrutar
Chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas have many reasons to celebrate this year. In addition to marking the restaurant's 10-year anniversary, they have also received top honours. Disfrutar has been named The World’s Best Restaurant 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. The trio is also taking home the trophy for The Best Restaurant in Europe 2024. Castro, Xatruch and Casañas met at El Bulli, before opening Disfrutar in 2014. Imaginative dishes are executed with exceptional technical skill and served in the most playful way possible. Two parallel menus of 30 courses are on offer: The Classic and The Festival. The former features dishes such as Thai-style cuttlefish with coconut multi-spherical, and squab with kombu spaghetti, almond and grape, while the famously indulgent caviar-filled Panchino doughnut and brilliant frozen gazpacho sandwich can be found in the Classic option. Regardless of the chosen menu, one thing is certain: you will have the dining experience of a lifetime.

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The list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2024, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was announced on Wednesday 5 June at a live awards ceremony in Wynn Las Vegas. Did you miss the Awards ceremony? Watch the countdown. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on 
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